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I'm having some trouble with converting week number to date in oracle 11g. The thing is that i have two columns *id|week_code* and I'd like to convert it to first day (monday) of this week. So let's say that i have 1202 which is 2nd week of 2012, so the result would be like: 09-January-2012. Thanks in advance.

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Try to use this approach: (not tested).

with date_wk as (
       select to_date('01/01/'||'20'||substr(%input%,1,2), 'MM/DD/
RRRR') + rownum - 4 dt
        from dual
        connect by level <= 366
wk_dt as (
        select dt, to_number(to_char(dt, 'iw')) wk_of_yr

        from date_wk
select min(dt)
from wk_dt
where wk_of_yr = substr(%input%,3,2)

to get the date you desire, and change it format to 'DD-MONTH-YYYY'.

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Just Awesome. Thanks! –  saif3r Jun 26 '12 at 9:22

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