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I have below configuration in my POM file. Especially jaxb-fluent-api configuration.


Without configuring jaxb-fluent-api entities can be generated from xsd. here what are the benifits using jaxb-fluent-api?


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The jaxb-fluent-api is an JAXB extension, allowing you to generate your code in a fluent api style. Now, fluent api is a way of designing your class methods, so they always return this instead of void.

There is a good example on the project wiki (I've shortened it a bit for brevity, visit the site for full example):

Normal JAXB-generated code must be used like this:

Project project = factory.createProject();

project.setName("JAXB Fluent API Extensions");

With jaxb-fluent-api extension, you can code the above like this:

Project project = factory.createProject()
    .withName("JAXB Fluent API Extensions");

That's basically what the fluent api is all about.

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I know the answer is not about flavor of jaxb-fluent-api as mentioned in the question. It's because the project seems to be dead now (the web page is not responding). It's about a library called jaxb-fluent-api-ext that is hosted on google-code and basically does the same thing. I think it does not make much difference for the original question, as the basic quastion was about fluent api, not the library itself. – npe Jun 25 '12 at 15:07

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