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The second day I am playing with integrating PayPal to my website. I am trying to obtain the following behavior:

  • the user click on the BUY link => is redirected to PAYPAL page (that's ok)
  • the user finished payment, on the PayPal website is displayed "Thank you" page
  • after 10 seconds is user redirected to "Thank you" page on my website
  • to user's PayPal email is sent information about the product he bought

This is what I try to implement, but unfortunatelly I still can't find the right way to do it... My app is in Ruby on Rails, currently I am working with Sandbox and use PayPal Payments Standard.

Could you please give me some advise/tip/link, how to implement this behavior?

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You need PayPal Standard's Buy Now Button.

You can either use form created by PayPal or create own form to post to PayPal.

I'm not familiar with ruby-on-rails. However, you view the sample here. You also need to include return url and cancel url if you want to bring user back to your site.

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Paypal has a return parameter which should work if you're using a form to send the user to their site for checkout:

The URL to which PayPal redirects buyers’ browser after they complete their payments. For example, specify a URL on your site that displays a “Thank you for your payment” page. Default – PayPal redirects the browser to a PayPal webpage.

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