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I found these three structures in the Android source code and I want to know :

  • what is the role of each structure and how to handle exception in android?
  • where can I find the stored exceptions associated to a given method?
  • where are the declared_exceptions associated to an invoked method stored?
  • where are the catches stored ?

typedef struct DexTry {
    u4  startAddr;          
    u2  insnCount;          
    u2  handlerOff;         
} DexTry;

typedef struct DexCatchHandler {
    u4          typeIdx;    
    u4          address;    
} DexCatchHandler;

typedef struct DexCatchIterator {
    const u1* pEncodedData;
    bool catchesAll;
    u4 countRemaining;
    DexCatchHandler handler;
} DexCatchIterator;
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