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I have created an iPhone application using PhoneGap. I have followed code from this tutorial:

Building PhoneGap Mobile Applications Powered by

I have logged in successfully and got struck in this screen: enter image description here

I am unable to move to other screens to access data. Here is the url that got generated after successful login:

Do I need to add cosumer key to this url? Here is my callbackurl:

What would be the problem? Did I miss anything?

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I got this error when I hadn't been requesting the correct scopes. – Tristan Warner-Smith Jul 15 '13 at 14:36

So is a stub URL for callbacks - and that is the screen you are seeing there, and the access_token variable is your session ID for the user. So the OAuth flow is working correctly.

In the code, you might check to see if:


Is getting set correctly. If so it looks like:

sfw.login( setupHomeView );

Is what should tell it to move from that page to the next UI page.

You might also check out the Mobile SDK:

It also includes PhoneGap and has a great OAuth wrapper built in.

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