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I have a large library of code which has a few (much too few) unit tests; i am adding code to the library, trying to make unit tests for the new code (i also want to add unit tests for old code in future, when i get more experienced).

We currently use a custom (not very elaborate) unit-testing framework; i would like to switch to boost.test.

My library layout is:

  • mylib1 (300 files, 70000 lines of code)

    • src
      • foo
        • foo.cpp
        • foo_part.cpp
        • foo_part.h
        • UnitTests - should i move it outside mylib?
          • foo_test1.cpp
          • foo_test2.cpp
          • foo_test3.cpp
      • bar
        • bar.cpp
        • bar_part.cpp
        • bar_part.h
        • UnitTests - does it belong here?
          • bar_test1.cpp
          • bar_test2.cpp
          • bar_test3.cpp
    • include
      • foo.h
      • bar.h
  • mylib2 (70 files, 7000 lines of code)

    • Looks like the mylib1 above
  • UnitTestFramework

    • src
      • MockObject1.cpp - does it belong here?
      • Asserter.cpp - boost.test will replace it
      • TestFixture.cpp - boost.test will replace it
    • include
      • MockObject1.h
      • Asserter.h - boost.test will replace it
      • TestFixture.h - boost.test will replace it

I am asking the following questions here:

  • Should unit tests be part of mylib DLL? (I link mylib1 and mylib2 into one DLL)
  • Should source code for unit tests be located under the mylib1 directory?
  • Since i have mylib1 and mylib2, how should the corresponding unit-tests be located - in sibling directories, together, etc?
  • Where should i put source code for mock objects? (they serve both mylib1 and mylib2)
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  1. unit tests are kind of documentation, therefore I would leave the directory structure as it is
  2. mocks/fakes are helpers in unit tests, therefore I wouldn't leave them in the source directory. Create a new directory in the source, and move them there.

Actually, I would simplify it even further :

 + mylib1 (300 files, 70000 lines of code)
    + unit_tests
      + test_foo.cpp
      + test_bar.cpp
    + mocks
      + mock_foo.hpp
      + mock_bar.hpp
    + foo.cpp
    + foo.hpp
    + bar.cpp
    + bar.hpp
 + mylib2
similar as for mylib1
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There is no chance i am going to "simplify" the tree structure by stuffing all 300 files into one directory. So i guess this answer mostly says "don't change the location of unit-tests, they are in the correct place". –  anatolyg Jun 26 '12 at 11:18

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