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I instantiate a COM Object, then invoke a method.

ActiveXComponent comp = new ActiveXComponent("MyDll.MyClass");

String argument1 = "test1";
String argument2 = "test2";

Variant[] arguments = { new Variant(argument1), new Variant(argument2) };

comp.invoke("myMethod", arguments)

Assuming MyDll has a method called

myMethod(String s1, String s2) 

it works fine.

Now, what if I have a Method

myMethod(String s1, ReturnDeletedModeEnum enum)

with an enum defined in MyDll?

I need to pass the enum to the method somehow, but I don't know how to access it.

I tried getting the Enum as ActiveXComponent,

new ActiveXComponent("MyDll.ReturnDeletedModeEnum");

which (not surprisingly) didn't work:

com.jacob.com.ComFailException: Can't get object clsid from progid

I tried finding some more documentation about Jacob, because there seem to be Enum-specific classes, but I haven't found any explanation on how to use them.

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