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Pyramid has both Mako and Chameleon as install dependencies. My intention is to exclusively use Mako templates and, considering that I have a little obsession for removing unused dependencies, I uninstalled Chameleon. To avoid errors from distribute I had to manually edit the requires.txt file in the Pyramid installation.

So far, I haven't found any errors, although I haven't been beyond basic examples. Is there a way to choose only one template engine at installation time? I could be mangling the installation manually but I will have a dozen virtualenvs to maintain.

Thanks in advance.

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If pyramid does not require both and they are truly optional requirements for optional features it may be possible for them to use extras which is designed for that.

pip supports this so could give you your desired at install time behaviour.

To correctly implement this would require working with pyramid upstream to change there setup.py to use extras_require. However if it is just a case of choose one this may not be suitable, but you may want to raise it in their issue tracker/bug system.

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