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Possible Duplicate:
Why doesn't this division work in python?

A simple problem I'm having (I Think) The following statement:

    print (4950*8)/(((4950*8)/10000000*(1538/1460))+0.1/1000)/1000

Gives me 396000.0.

But on a Calculator I get 9270.614192621.

If someone could point out what I'm doing wrong in the code that would be great.


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Old versions of Python use truncated integer division for int operands.

Try from __future__ import division (see for the full story) or coerce int operands to float (e.g. with float, or by appending .0 to literals).

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>>> print (4950.0*8)/(((4950.0*8)/10000000*(1538.0/1460))+0.1/1000)/1000
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