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I have one project inside that I have SqlServerFunctions in test.cs file. code:

    public static SqlDecimal CalculateBondDV0N(SqlDecimal coupon, SqlDecimal yield, SqlDateTime date)
        DayCount dayCount = (DayCount)Enum.Parse(typeof(DayCount), dayCountString.ToString(), true);
        Frequency frequency = (Frequency)Enum.Parse(typeof(Frequency), frequencyString.ToString(), true);

        double price = BondAnalyticsUtility.CalculateDV0N((double)coupon.Value, dayCount, frequency, (double)yield.Value, date.Value, finalPaymentDate.Value, (double)redemptionValue.Value, (double)notional.Value, (double)spreadChange.Value);

        SqlDecimal returnVal = new SqlDecimal(price);

        return returnVal;

And this function get called from Sql Server inside Scalar valued function by giving EXTERNAL parameter.

ALTER FUNCTION [dbo].[CalculateBondDV0N](@Coupon [decimal](18, 6), @Yield [decimal](18, 6), @Date [datetime])
EXTERNAL NAME [Pearl.Analytics.Services.Database].[BondAnalytics].[CalculateBondDV0N]

I want to debug this function the code is in c# trying to debug in into VS2010 pro how can i attached it with database and do this.?

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If you don't need to debug it within SQL Server, then it's quite easy to just call it naturally from normal C# code. Seeing as your method only makes use of very basic types, I can't see any reason to need to debug it within SQL Server.

I am not sure where 'dayCountString' and 'frequencyString' come from, however. I have a suspicion that those should be parameters to the function too.

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all the parameters to that method is selected from SQL tables so when i call any method in c# parameters are coming from SQL table – Neo Jun 26 '12 at 6:16
So, call it from C# with the same parameters? – Matt Whitfield Jun 26 '12 at 10:50

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