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I am creating a widget and had successfully created it, what I want to achieve is that on the widget form, I want to add an option where the user can select a color for the font. Thus, I've placed a textbox and when the user clicks on the textbox a colorpicker will appear.

I have not tried doing that in the past and I've searched google for any help but instead they want me to download their plugins and etc.

I don't need any plugin or whatsoever, I just want a simple colorpicker implementation.

ANy help?

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This colorpicker is built into wordpress. Simply follow the implementation guide and you're Good To Go.

edit It would seem something is wrong with the site, as it causes frequenty crashes in FF 5. Sorry, I can't find any other site that has the documentation, either. Use Chrome or IE9 and it doesn't crash.

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Please don't shout. It's unprofessional. – Blazemonger Jun 25 '12 at 15:31

Here's a good one that I've used: http://www.eyecon.ro/colorpicker/

That might be of help to you.

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