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While I was playing around with pdfbox 1.7.0 (apache) I came across a NullPointerException. I can't figure out what the hack is wrong with my code. You can see the full stacktrace of the Exception at and the code here: .

I just want to convert every page of a PDF into an image (BufferedImage).

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Either I am missing something obvious or there is a bug in the library. Type3StreamParser extending PDFStreamEngine has the following method:

public Image createImage( COSStream type3Stream ) throws IOException
    processStream( null, null, type3Stream );
    return image.createImage();

it calls processStream() in the base class defined as follows:

public void processStream( PDPage aPage, PDResources resources, COSStream cosStream ) throws IOException
    graphicsState = new PDGraphicsState(aPage.findCropBox());

Clearly this code will always throw NPE. If you aren't misusing the API somehow, consider reporting an issue.

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Okay thank you, thats what I found in the code, too so I'm not the only one who points that as an issue. I'll report it to apache, thank you! – synner Jun 25 '12 at 16:29

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