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How can I fake a REST response in my model s.t. it does not really go to the service but returns a fixed json?

If possible show me a version that does it with overriding sync() and a version that overrides fetch(). I failed with both so this will be a good education for as for the difference between them.

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I don't think you can unless you change sync() method in Backbone source –  mvbl fst Jun 25 '12 at 16:29
the rest service is not ready yet. I do not want to use any mock service or something external to my code. I want to override the backbone method that calls ajax (not override the ajax itself) and instead provide a fixed response –  Yaron Naveh Jun 26 '12 at 7:44

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  fetch: function(){
    var model = this;
    model.set({yourStatic: "Json Here"});

Dunno if this will work but I think it should, from Backbone.


Resets the model's state from the server by delegating to Backbone.sync

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Take a look at backbone-faux-server. It will allow you to handle (and 'fake' a response for) any sync op (fetch, save, etc) per Model (or Collection).

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If your question is related to unit testing your code without the need for a live API, have a look at Sinon.JS. It helps mocking entire API server responses for testing purposes.

Here's an example from the Sinon docs that mocks the $.ajax function of jQuery:

    setUp: function () {
        sinon.spy(jQuery, "ajax");

    tearDown: function () {
        jQuery.ajax.restore(); // Unwraps the spy

    "test should inspect jQuery.getJSON's usage of jQuery.ajax": function () {

        assertEquals("/some/resource", jQuery.ajax.getCall(0).args[0].url);
        assertEquals("json", jQuery.ajax.getCall(0).args[0].dataType);
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thanks, my question is not ut related but more for me to get education and try some stuff –  Yaron Naveh Jun 25 '12 at 17:11

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