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I'm using objective-c in xcode. How can I convert a uint8_t piece of data into a decimal two's complement? The range is -127 to 127, correct?

If I have:

uint8_t test = 0xF2

Is there a function or method built in that I can use? Does someone have a simple function?


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You can just cast to signed, (int8_t)test – TJD Jun 25 '12 at 16:58
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Does this do what you want?

int8_t twosComplement = (int8_t)test;
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The question seems a bit confused. It asks to convert to decimal 2's complement, but 2's complement is meaningful only in binary, not in decimal.

If you want to make a unit9_t value into a signed value, you can - cast it to some signed type like so: (int16_t)unsigned8variable - assign it to a variable that has a signed type

However, beware of overflow. Your uint8_t value can be anything from 0 to 255. If you assign to an 8-bit signed type, there are representations for values from -128 to +127, and any original value greater than 127 will suddenly appear to be negative. Choose a type that's big enough to hold any value you might actually see. int16_t would be safe because it goes up to 32767.

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