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I created a Layout Control that uses the ExtLib Application Layout Control. I have several Title Bar items, of which one is a Container Node. The Container Node has several children. The problem is when I put this on an XPage and run it, the child nodes don't show up. In fact, the cursor does not change to the pointing finger when it is over the Container Node either. What am I doing wrong? Is there something else to configure?

label="Information Centers">
    label="Account Requirements"
    href="https://Server.xxx.com/Support and Info/acctreq.nsf?OpenDatabase">


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Paste your code - code talks! –  stwissel Jun 26 '12 at 8:03

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Ok, it looks to me like the Banner Bar Containers work differently than the Title Bar Containers. I can get the Banner Bar Containers to work properly, but not so with the Title bar containers. Does anyone no why this is the case?


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