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Does anyone know the shortcut for shifting a block of css code in Intellij over by a few indents?

In Coda I used to select the block or blocks of code and use the shift and left or right carrot symbols to shift the code right or left.

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Did you try Tab/Shift+Tab? – CrazyCoder Jun 25 '12 at 16:52
Thank you crazyCoder that worked. – Chapsterj Jun 25 '12 at 17:00
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These are common Indent and Unindent actions, default shortcuts: Tab and Shift+Tab.

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Shift-Tab doesn't move my block of code four spaces to the left. It does nothing. – Michael Lafayette Jan 23 at 19:22
Check your keymap and remap if needed. – CrazyCoder Jan 23 at 20:52
It's just that on Netbeans if you have "Hello |World" and you tab it, it becomes "Hello |World" and then if you Shift-Tab it, you reverse that operation and go back to "Hello |World". Shift-Tab on IntelliJ only works if you indent at the very beginning of the line. – Michael Lafayette Jan 24 at 2:19

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