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In my system, I have numerous roles assigned to the users (lets assume 3 for now ROLE_ADMIN, ROLE_USER, ROLE_SERVICES). In one of my controllers (lets assume SearchController that we have three actions serviceIndex{}, userIndex{} and adminIndex{}), I want users of any role to be able to access two of the actions (the first two). For the final action, I want to restrict the action against a user of single role type (lets say ROLE_USER) but allow access to users of other roles (i.e. to ROLE_ADMIN, ROLE_SERVICE. I have something like the following in my requestmap table.

config_attribute ----------------------------------------------------------->url
ROLE_ADMIN,ROLE_SERVICE,ROLE_USER ------------------------------> /search/serviceIndex
ROLE_ADMIN,ROLE_SERVICE,ROLE_USER-------------------------------> /search/userIndex
ROLE_ADMIN,ROLE_SERVICE -----------------------------------------> /search/adminIndex

Since the third rule states that the url '/search/adminIndex' is not accessible to ROLE_USER, the user with that role should have been denied the authorization to access the url. But, the user can still access the url. What is the correct configuration. I did try someting like /search/adminIndex/**, but that doesn't work either. On a side note, none of the urls will have suffixes furthermore but I would still like to prevent access if users manipulate the url like adding suffixes like /search/userIndex/56a just in case.

Regards, dipess

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Since the plugin iterates through the rules and applies the first one that matches the current URL, I would set the adminIndex first and then have a catchall for anything else.

ROLE_ADMIN,ROLE_SERVICE            /search/adminIndex
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Even though you may be right, this logic seems flawed because each URL is different. I really don't see why the OPs current config shouldn't work. –  Gregg Jun 25 '12 at 17:34
One reason could be that other rules that are not shown are matched before any of the ones pasted. In that case my answer would be wrong as well. –  John Moses Jun 25 '12 at 19:15

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