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I have an SVG element with a foreignObject which contains a div. Then in my js I do this:


which creates a canvas within the div. When I look at the firebug html code for the two browser are:


    <foreignObject width="20" height="20" x="10" y="-10">
          <canvas style="display: inline-block; width: 18px; height: 19px; vertical-align: top;" width="18" height="19"></canvas>


    <foreignobject width="20" height="20" x="10" y="-10"/>

In chrome it doesnt even show the div. The way I create the div is

  .attr("width", "20")
  .attr("height", "20")
  .attr("x", "10")


Firefox is working as I am expecting it to work. But chrome does not. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, I think part of the problem is that the chrome firebug HTML output shows "foreignobject" but the Firefox shows "foreignObject" the way I appended.

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You need to have an HTML body be the sub-element of foreignobject. Once you have that you can put anything inside the body.

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Cool @Demosthenes thanks it worked. –  ßee Jul 24 '12 at 0:14

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