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Am not that skilled at Excel/VBA and need some help. The code below (in its simplest form) throws a runtime error (13) stating I have a type mismatch. I don't understand how it's mismatched since I've declared them as the same type. Any ideas?

Sub Setup_ListObject()
    Dim the_list As ListObject
    Do_stuff_with_ListObject (the_list)  ' ** runtime error highlights "type mismatch"
End Sub
Private Sub Do_stuff_with_ListObject(ByRef a_list As ListObject)
    ' here we do stuff
End Sub
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Remove the brackets. Use this

Do_stuff_with_ListObject the_list

or if you want to use brackets then do this

Call Do_stuff_with_ListObject(the_list)
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Wow - that does the trick. In the VBA IDE when you start to type a left-bracket after the process name it shows a tooltip with a completed bracket and the variable to be passed ... that's a little misleading. Thanks – thornomad Jun 25 '12 at 18:48

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