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I'm currently integrating Sendgrid (Back-end API) with Phplist (front-end). However, I realised that there are many features that Phplist doesn't support such as autoresponders, different management levels (sub/superusers) and is unable to send high volumes. May I know if there is a better front end that I can use to integrate it with sendgrid?

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Actually PhpList has different user levels as of version 3.0.5 – sventechie Oct 9 '13 at 19:50

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Yes! OpenEMM seems to have the features you're looking for. You can see the full list here, but the highlights are:

  • Configuration of different users with different rights/roles
  • Autoresponder mails and error messages (bounce management)

It looks a little tricky to setup, but they have good documentation. Also, the code is hosted on SourceForge and the reviews look solid too.

In terms of setting it up with SendGrid, you have to configure your sendmail to use our SMTP servers. Luckily, we have a tutorial already that shows you exactly how to do that:

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