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My question is if there is any built-in interpretation of metadata by the video player in iOS. I know one can add meta-data to a video and interpret it within a custom application as shown here.

In iOS on ipod or iphone, an HTML video is opened within the native player. I would like to display a message above or below the video for a short duration at the beginning. Since I cannot control the native player I thought there might be some built in metadata interpretation that could be used to perform this. I have not been able to find any information on this.

Any help is appreciated.

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The blog you've posted includes details on using the native player MPMoviePlayerController to display meta data, which is pretty cool actually. You learn something new every day! If you're making a Phonegap App I suppose you could write a plugin to do this?

Or alternatively, have a look at this other OS question which appears to suggest that it is possible - though not seemingly with metadata embedded in the actual video. Apparently this works on iOS.

Reading metadata from the <track> of an HTML5 <video> using Captionator

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