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I wrote a function to retrieve a project property. I pass the value of the variable name.

I wrote a testing routine. In the test routine a do a similar getProperty with the same variable name. The testing routine is in a different project than the library function. I did this to test in the real situation. I know that each project has its own project properties definitions.

Here is the get routine from the library:

function  lib_get(pvar)
   return ScriptProperties.getProperty(pvar);

Here is the testing routine:

function lib_test()
     var u = ScriptProperties.getProperty("u");

     var t = lib_get("u");  

     Browser.msgBox(" u:"+u+" t: "+t);

The variable "u" is not defined in either project.

The display shows "U" has a value of "null", 

and "t" has a value of "undefined". 

Is this the way the functions are suppose to work? Should I accept that this difference is normal and operate under this assumption for all future time?

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You need to specify the library's prefix when you call a function from that library.

var t = myLibrary.lib_get("u");

Where "myLibrary" is the name of the library as you defined it in the Manage Libraries dialog.

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