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I have this xml file which has text init.


Hi my name is steven

When i add a Setinterval to load the xml file every 10 seconds i get

Hi my name is stevenHi my name is stevenHi my name is stevenHi my name is steven This continues duplicating every 10 seconds

Here is my javascript xml function

myLoadInteval = setInterval(Xml, 10000);

function Xml(){ 

$(document).ready(function() {  
                         type: "GET",  
                         url: "http://www.mobilefriendlywebapps.co.uk/tayloredtest1/note.xml",  
                         dataType: "xml",  
                         success: parseXml  
                  function parseXml(xml) {  
                  $(xml).find("menu").each(function() {  
                                           //find each instance of loc in xml file and wrap it in a link 
                                           $("div#site_list").append( $(this).find("cd").text() );  
                                           $("div#treatments").append( $(this).find("cd1").text() ); 
                                           $("div#preparation").append( $(this).find("cd2").text() );
                                           $("div#products").append( $(this).find("cd3").text() );
                                           $("div#info").append( $(this).find("cd4").text() );
                                           $("div#price").append( $(this).find("cd5").text() );
                                           $("div#promo").append( $(this).find("cd6").text() );



How do i remove the old xml before the new on loads?

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Rather than using append() use html()


$("div#site_list").html( $(this).find("cd").text() );
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Thank-you it worked –  Steven Kinnear Jun 25 '12 at 20:44

If I've understood right, you're getting duplicate content because you're appending to the HTML elements each time, not emptying them first. If you want to replace the contents, do just that, rather than appending. So:

$("div#site_list").append( $(this).find("cd").text() );

...would become


Or, if you XML contains CData-protected HTML mark-up, use the html() method instead.

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Thanks your explanation helped me understand the differences , –  Steven Kinnear Jun 25 '12 at 20:45

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