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I have a facebook app that I authenticate using a general-purpose authentification. Like this:

  // Fixar oAuth
        "facebook": {
            client_id: "393963983989013",
            redirect_uri: "",
            authorization: "",
            presenttoken: "qs"

    // Make sure that you have 
        "facebook": [""]

    // This dumps all cached tokens to console, for easyer debugging.

        "facebook": [""]

It's tirggered on document.ready.

Because it's a facebook app I can't run the authentification in the iFrame. Facebook denies this using X-Frame-Options. The solution, if you authenticate with a link is to use target="_top". How do i Achieve the same effect in javascript? Maybe I need to edit one of the funcitons (though ideally not, as they are part of a library) in that case please point me in the right direction.

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Found it. Change window.location to top.location.

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