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Im trying to align a number of inputs and select boxes within a single form. ive tried various css styles to try to align them but everything seems to fail (??).

My html can be found here.

Does anyone known any easy methods for aligning these elements.


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Align how? You need to be more specific. Do you want them in two columns, the inputs to all align to the left properly? Something else? – Bojangles Jun 25 '12 at 21:37
Need more info, but you need to have fixed widths on the labels and divs around the inputs, or simply put all of this in a table. – The Muffin Man Jun 25 '12 at 22:28
possible duplicate of How to align input forms in HTML – Jukka K. Korpela Jun 26 '12 at 5:44
There is a large number of questions that effectively ask the very same thing, and you can find both the simple table method and various more complicated CSS ways in answers (search e.g. for “align input form”). – Jukka K. Korpela Jun 26 '12 at 5:47
Sorry I should of been more clear Im looking for aligning all the inputs into a single column. Thanks, – felix001 Jun 26 '12 at 7:39

Does anyone known any easy methods for aligning these elements.

Yes, you can use Twitter Bootstrap:

It offers fantastic, well written styles for common HTML elements (including forms). Use them as a starting point and expand from there.

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They used to say not to use tables for laying out non-tabular data, but in this case if you want a quick-and-dirty solution, it'd work. (Not that I'm condoning using tables for layouts; just putting it out there that it is an option should all else fail.)

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If you want to just align them label on left, input on right, you could try this:

​label { clear: both; float: left; min-height: 35px; } input, select { float: right; }​

It isn't the best solution, but if you're looking for something easy, quick and simple it should work. You may want to wrap everything in a div and set a width on that wrapper so that the fields and labels will be closer together as well.

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I like to use lists to line up my forms. I can't say whether this method still has wide adoption, but it's served me pretty well. I played around with your fiddle to give you an example of how I lay out forms with lists, but I didn't fully style your example for you :)

Another list example

Lists allow me to work with nice chunks. Like @Roddy said, tables will work, however a better option might be to layout your divs like a table with properties like display: table-cell.

You can also use floats like this guy

I think all these methods work pretty decently. If you need a more specific answer, please provide details on how you would like to align your form.

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