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I have a View displaying a Collection built using Backbone Paginator's clientPager. Everything works very well on page load.

I also have the client-side code hooked up to Socket.IO which fires model add events every once in a while. I add the model to the Backbone Paginator collection, which then fires the 'add' event in the view:

add: function(call){
      var collection = this.collection;

      var $div = this.$(this.div);
        var call_view = CallsView.generateView(call, collection, this.type);
        var html = call_view.render().el;

This code also works well. However, it doesn't update the pagination. Is there a standard way to do this with Backbone Paginator? I'm a bit lost at this point. Thanks in advance!

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did you find a way to update the paginator? –  Omer M. Jun 18 '13 at 17:18

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