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I'm trying to benchmark locally running instance of mongoDB using YCSB. I'm getting the following exception while inserting the load:

YCSB Client 0.1
Command line: -db -s -P workloads/workloada -load
Loading workload...
Starting test.
Could not initialize MongoDB connection pool for Loader: java.lang.NullPointerException
[OVERALL], RunTime(ms), 5.0
[OVERALL], Throughput(ops/sec), 0.0

The command is as follows:

./bin/ycsb load mongodb -s -P workloads/workloada

I'm running it on Rhel 6.1 and using out of box ycsb 0.1.4.

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Looks like perhaps you don't have a local MongoDB instance running, or the Java client is unable to connect. Did you follow the config instructions in YCSB/mongodb? – Stennie Jun 26 '12 at 2:26

I also got this error when I was running from the ycsb archive that is linked to from the README. I verified that mongo was up and that other clients could connect to the database. So on a lark, I decided to clone the github repo, build from source and was pleasantly surprised when everything worked.

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I did multiple YCSB benckmark tests for MongoDB last week and wrote a detailed blog with a step by step howto about it. You may find it useful.

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