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I'm using Eclipse IDE and the console truncates my error message. I want to get to the root of the error but all that it says is '5 more.' How can I make it so that eclipse shows all the error messages?


For example:

     at com.quantcast.rmr.MRStep.start(
     at com.quantcast.rmr.MRFlow.job(
     at com.implicitlabs.rmr.Job.exec(
     at com.implicitlabs.rmr.Job.startExecution(
     at com.implicitlabs.rmr.JobStartup.callStartup(
     at com.implicitlabs.rmr.Job.main(
Caused by:
     at com.implicitlabs.rmr.Job.executeStep(
     at com.implicitlabs.rmr.Job.go(
     at com.quantcast.rmr.MRStep.start(
     ... 5 more

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What is shown is all there is to show. The 5 more are the ones under the IOException following start(). See…. – cklab Jun 25 '12 at 22:33

Click on the property of the error, that should show the whole text or at least a field on which you can use cut and paste

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