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I am still new to solr (i feel silly to ask simple questions, blush), but what are the differences between the two methods below? which one should i use? what if i set the boost value to 1.0f for all of the fields in a document?

  1. add field without boost

    public void addField(String name, Object value) Add a field with implied null value for boost.

  2. add field with boost value

    public void addField(String name, Object value, float boost) Adds a field with the given name, value and boost. If a field with the name already exists, then it is updated to the new value and boost.

Thanks a lot for your help :-)

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You should read Solr's wiki (or my book, chapter 5) about what a "boost" or what "boosting" is. In a nutshell, index time boosting offers the opportunity to increase the score of a document that is matched via a query matching the specified field. It's a multiplier, and so the default is in effect 1.0. Most apps should eschew index-time boosting for more-flexible query-time boosting. For example, use the dismax parser's "qf" param.

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Thanks David for giving me the information and pointers! –  trillions Jun 26 '12 at 6:52

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