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I have problem with Entity Framework.

I have a table Victor with 3 nullable columns. When the wizard is finished, I can't see the nullable columns inside the CreateVictor() method, this method automatically is being generated by wizard not me.

After 4 hours I couldn't find any solution. This happens just for nullable column.

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This is a 'feature' rather than a bug. The idea is that only the non-null columns are required to create a 'Victor'. So they are the only columns included in the CreateVictor() method.

If you want to set the other properties, you can do this with the object returned by CreateVictor().

var victor = Victor.CreateVictor(...);
victor.Name = "name";
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Thanks,This is a feature but it passed null value for null able columns Other developers have problem with this feature, but I expected there was a property that we can set it up easily. –  Houshang.Karami Jun 26 '12 at 4:13

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