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I have an Android service that starts and maintains a background thread.

From time to time, the background thread needs to do a callback on the main thread. I'm stumped as to how to do this.

I can't call this.runOnUiThread because "this" is an instance of Service, not Activity, and a Service doesn't have the runOnUiThread method.

I also can't create or execute an AsyncTask, because the documentation for AsyncTask says that both the constructor and the execute method must be invoked from the UI thread.

Do I need to maintain a reference to the activity that is using the service and call its runOnUiThread method, or is there another way to run something on the UI thread?


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"the background thread needs to do a callback on the main thread" -- why? – CommonsWare Jun 25 '12 at 23:32
The user of the service is an activity. It needs callbacks on the main thread so it can update UI elements. I suppose I could call it back on the background thread and make it responsible for scheduling a UI thread callback, but it would be more convenient for the consumer of the service if I could do it. – Frank LaRosa Jun 25 '12 at 23:34
@Cruceo: Oh, heavens no. – CommonsWare Jun 25 '12 at 23:46

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I'm using following code from time to time if I do not hold direct access to Activity (for a reason or another);

new Handler(Looper.getMainLooper()).post(mYourUiThreadRunnable);
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It needs callbacks on the main thread so it can update UI elements.

Use LocalBroadcastManager and have the service send a broadcast, to be picked up by the activity, which will get it on the main application thread. Here is a sample application demonstrating this.

Or, use a "real" broadcast with sendBroadcast().

Or, use a Messenger, as you786 mentioned, tied to a Handler, as Guillermo mentioned, though you do not necessarily need to use binding for it.

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Your activity has to can bind to the service.

Specifically, take a look at creating a Messenger on that page. The client activity can give a messenger object that responds to messages from the service, and once received, run whatever UI code is necessary on the UI thread using a handler.

DO NOT keep the activity's reference in the service. This can lead to all sorts of memory issues.

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While Messenger is a fine solution, you do not have to bind to the service to use it. Messenger is Parcelable and can be sent in an Intent extra in a command sent via startService(). – CommonsWare Jun 25 '12 at 23:48

Sure. See Handler. You can give to your service a handler object and when service needs to run some Runnable task on UI thread just must call This call. Can find a example in this link 4.Tutorial: Handler.

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