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I'm looking for an alternative for SWFUpload as it seems that its not maintained anymore.

I'm looking for the following functionality:

  • Multiple files
  • queue
  • max file size
  • file extensions
  • custom / extra post data
  • server response
  • progress indicator
  • custom interface preferably just html
  • cross browser compatible

Bonus functionality:

  • drag and drop
  • javascript interface
  • no flash

I dont mind being flash used but just as far SWFUpload takes it.

'deal breakers'

  • java
  • flash interface
  • unstable
  • abandoned projects

Solutions I have looked at but are not an option:

Thanks in advance

PS is SWFuploader still usable for production and stable?

PSS I dont mind if its licensed/paid software

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I'm looking for the same, but can you specify reasons behind each of the "not an option" list ? –  Ahmed Khalaf Aug 3 '12 at 13:33