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Is there any convention about how/where to specify application's version number?

For example, for the ruby gems lib/mygem/version.rb is the file generally used for that purpose.

My guess would be creating config/version.rb file like that:

module MySite
  VERSION = "0.0.4"

  # or in MySite::Application class
  # class Application
  #   VERSION = "0.0.4"
  # end
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See this: stackoverflow.com/a/6178378/1352240 –  YuriAlbuquerque Jun 26 '12 at 1:26
You can do this as I answered earlier: stackoverflow.com/a/23135266/2881964 –  Valeriy Valer'evich Apr 17 '14 at 14:05

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I will reply my own question, I was not able to find a better answer.

Since Rails application is basically MySite::Application I thought app's version should be accessed by MySite::Application::VERSION so create :


module MySite
  class Application
    VERSION = "0.0.4"

or config/version.rb and require this file from config/application.rb

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I add my own version to the Configuration class with an initializer:


class Configuration
  class << self
    attr_accessor :app_version
  @app_version = 0.72

Within the app, I can pull the version:

@app_version = Configuration.app_version

Not sure why you want to use the version, but I often use versioning so I can see if a particularly version of code is actually running. In that case, I need every code revision to be reflected as a new version, so I use the Git version on my code and often just display the first few characters of it since that is likely unique enough to identify it.

@git_version = `git show --pretty=%H`[0..39]
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