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I have a single-page web app that presents a multi-step photo management "wizard", split up across several discrete steps (photo upload, styling, annotation, publishing) via a tab strip. On switching steps I set the URL hash to #publishing-step (or whichever step was activated).

How do I set up Optimizely tests to run on the various discrete steps of the wizard?

The browser never leaves the page, so it only gets a single window.load event. Its DOM isn't getting scrapped or regenerated, but just switches what page elements are visible at any one time via display: none or block, so the part I am trying to figure out is really mostly about in what way I go about the Optimizely test setup itself - it's fine (and likely necessary) if all edits get applied at once.

This thing unfortunately has to work in IE9, so I can't use history.pushState to get pretty discrete urls for each step.

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You'll probably need to do this yourself, using Optimizely's JS API to trigger actions on their end and tell it what your users did: https://www.optimizely.com/docs/api

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