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Possible Duplicate:
Debugging One Website In A Solution Of Four

Our solution has around 12 projects. This includes 4 websites.

  1. Main website (set as the startup project)
  2. Offline site
  3. A widget site
  4. An API site.

Why is it that when we hit F5 to start debugging, all the MVC sites start up in IIS express?

Is there a way to say "only start the startup project" or "the defined" project?

BTW, this is our Configuration Properties :

enter image description here

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Had you started the projects earlier? One thing that always tripped me up was that when debugging stops, Casini doesn't, and the sites will continue to run. Try killing Casini or rebooting. – Tyrsius Jun 26 '12 at 1:22
This has nothing to do with Casinni but IISExpress (please re-read the opening post). Secondly, there was nothing 'started'. IISExpress wasn't running / had not kicked in. – Pure.Krome Jun 26 '12 at 1:30
Sorry, missed that. Nvm – Tyrsius Jun 26 '12 at 1:50

As Pablo Romeo suggested (in a duplicate Q), the trick was to search for the keyword Visual Studio 2010 Always Start When Debugging.

This led to people saying

  • open up the properties window, for the ROOT of each website project.
  • Turn Always Start When Debugging to OFF.

enter image description here

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