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I'm using reporting services in local processing mode.

I'm setting the report data to a Dataset pulled from a sql database.

When I come to render the report I get two warnings:

  1. The data set ‘PPA_Dev’ contains a definition for the Field ‘EMail’. This field is missing from the returned result set from the data source.

  2. The data set ‘PPA_Dev’ contains a definition for the Field ‘EMail’. The data extension returned an error during reading the field. There is no data for the field at position 9.

What I'm seeing in the generated report is the email column empty.

Why might this be happening?


The sql that was generating the dataset was returning the correct information.

In the end I fiddled around with the rdlc file in notepad, broke the whole report, reverted the code and it now works correctly. No idea why it was broken, no idea why it's fixed, it's all very frustrating.

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It sounds like the dataset definition includes a field called "Email" which is not being returned from your source query, but it's difficult to be sure without more information.

Could you amend the question to include the SQL used to generate the dataset?

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I also had this problem. When I checked the rdlc in the Visual Studio Xml Editor I found that the fields being complained about (EMail in the original question above) were wrongly specified in the 'DataSets/DataSet/Fields' section of the rdlc. Removing these fields corrected the problem.

I had previously changed the Datasource object and it would seem that the rdlc dataset was not updated with those fields that had been changed.

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I had this issue when creating a report against a SharePoint list. If the column in the list was empty, then the column was not returned in the query response. I found an old post on www.msbicentral.com that helped to resolve the problem.

In the report properties, add a new function definition to the Custom code section:

Function NullAsEmpty(ByRef F As Field) As String
    If F.IsMissing Then
        Return ""
        If F.Value Is Nothing Then
            Return ""
            Return F.Value
        End If
    End If
End Function

Add a variable that can be used in place of the actual field. In my case I added a variable reason defined as =Code.NullAsEmpty(Fields!Reason). Then in the report replace occurrences of the original field with the new variable.

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I had a similar problem. For me, the RDLC looked fine. Eventually I noticed that that dataset parameters were listed in a different order than in the stored procedure. When I reordered them in the dataset to match the SP, all was well. I would add this to your list of checks when encountering this error.

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