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Users come to my app to enter Cards that they own. Cards are organized by Issue such that

Issue has_many Cards

So our base case (1) is when a user is logged in and updating his collection, he visits


Which hits issues#show renders issues\show.haml. On this page they enter or remove cards from their collection. The page has all sorts of sorting and buttons etc...

I want to make user collections public (2), so that others can visit


This page would have far less going on and would display other information relevant to the logged in user, not the owner of the cards. The obvious choice is to nest :issues under :users and make IssuesController#show handle everything. But IssuesController#show is already handling the first case described above.

One implementation is to do:

class IssuesController
    def show
              #do something
              #do and render something else

...but that looks horrible. Further, this is a notion that we'll be using around the app and I'd hate to pollute all the controllers like that.

What is the best practice for handling this situation?

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For a start /issues/:id should be handled by IssuesController#show not #index

You can choose to route /:user_id/issues/:id to any controller and action that you like. There is not necessarily a best practice for this, so pick something you're happy with. I'd route this to something like IssuesController#show_for_user so it was nice and clear.

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Fixed path in edit, thanks. –  gmoore Jun 26 '12 at 13:31

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