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The top search result doesn't give me anything. Any existing one?

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There is no javascript api to download directly.

However you can download the thrift files, you should be able to generate a javascript api by running these through Apache Thrift.

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If you want to use Evernote API in Node JS. You can use evernode.

Also, you can checkout my project for code example.

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Evernote has released a Javascript SDK here

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They don't seem to support JS API .

See http://dev.evernote.com/documentation

Supported languages: Objective-C, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, C#, C++, ActionScript, JavaME
You make web service calls directly
Provides complete access to the Evernote service
API only - no user interfaces
Cloud API documentation »
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Kandasoftware has put out a JavaScript API wrapper at https://github.com/kandasoftware/evernote-sdk-javascript under an MIT license.

I haven't used it yet, so I can't comment on its quality. But they are using it in their product, so it should be workable.

See http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/22476-api-for-javascript/ for the link that led me to the repository.

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