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I am having an issue with a pstn line connecting to a modem. The modem can not get a dial tone but when I plug in a normal telephone it can. What are the troubleshooting steps for this and potential fixes? Would a line filter do any good and

Is there such a thing as a repeater for PSTN? or will a DSL filter help?

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Is it a DSL modem? If it is you might want a filter.

  1. Check the port on the modem, verify there is no damage.
  2. Try the modem with a different phone line, in the same building(same number)
  3. Try the modem with a different phone line, in a different building(different number)
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Try issuing a reset to the modem from your terminal program:


then try to dial a number:


Some common AT commands are here: AT command reference

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