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I just started learning backbone.js. I have a problem understanding how/when use models and collections. I found several tutorial online and each of them use different approach of building the application. There are cases where data is retrieved from REST API in a Collection object, in other examples in a Model object? I also noticed in every example json data was in format like {'id':1, 'name':'some name'}. My api returns a bit more complex data structure - something like {'message':'response message', 'error':'', 'data': [{list of data objects to be manipulated},{}]}. Is it possible to use such formatted data in backbone.js.

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Well, yes, for both of your questions. Typically here is how the Relational database system relates to backbone.js:

  • Your model is a record from a table of the database.
  • Your collections are the table itself. So set of models make up the collection.
  • Views are used to define how your model should look and what it should do. There are views for your models, collections and intermediate data.

Your response if different; hence, you need to parse the data before it is set to the model, collection. Use the parse method and define the data key.

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Thanks that was very informative. In my case one of the calls to the API returns a set of records that I need to display. If I'm understanding correctly I should make that api call in the Collection object? – marcin_koss Jun 26 '12 at 4:45
@marcin_koss correct :). Set the url and call collectionInstance.fetch() it will automatically get the data for you. The Collection view should subscribe to reset event and you should re-render during that event to keep the view in sync with data . have a happy day – Deeptechtons Jun 26 '12 at 5:08

The difference between Model and Collection is fairly intuitive; basically the latter is a Model that contains a set of Models (plus some extra collection-specific helper methods like pluck, pop, etc).

And yes, you can work with non-standard data. There are multiple ways of handling this (as with everything when you're using Backbone); one way would be to override the Model or Collection's parse method, which is responsible for converting the raw server response into a model.

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Thanks for clarifying. For some reason I didn't find Collection/Model setup very intuitive. There's just so many ways MVC pattern is interpreted and implemented. – marcin_koss Jun 26 '12 at 4:48

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