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I want to update a table.

My table structures is:

  • MainTable:

    id | status | type | user
  • OtherTable:

    id | flag

Here I want to update all status and user field of MainTable excluding where status='Stop' and where flag on OtherTable not set i.e 0, but how?

OtherTable hold value for type='EMP' only.

UPDATE: I want to update all MainTable records with a conditional check when type ='EMP'

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Update MT set user='someuser', status = "somestatus" 
FROM MainTable MT
Select * 
from MainTable MT1
Join Othertable OT on MT1.Id = OT.Id
AND OT.Flag = 0
and  MT1.type='EMP'
Union All
Select * 
from MainTable MT2
WHERE not in (Select ID FROM Othertable where Flag = 0)
and  MT2.type='EMP'
) tblOther
on MT.ID = tblOther.ID
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change your condition type='EMP' as per your required. –  Asif Jun 26 '12 at 7:05
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Smart Answer is given by @Asif

Here is the simpler/alternate way suits my requirement

 `update MainTable
  set status='someStatus'
  and check_type!='EMP'

  update MainTable
  set status='someStatus'
  from MainTable inner join OtherTable on
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Use subquery....

Update MainTable Set user="" where status='STOP' and id in (select id from OtherTable 
where Flag!=0)
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you should have used '=' instead of 'in'.... –  Tirumudi Jun 26 '12 at 5:52
ya rty..but i used 'IN, now and unfortunatelly no result –  RollerCosta Jun 26 '12 at 5:58

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