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I tried a tutorial about C and ATL about a basic dialog. It has a window, and 2 buttons inside. In the beginning of the tutorial, there are 2 buttons and they all exit the application. But, these 2 buttons are created by default. So, I tried creating another button that can exit the application, and I failed.

My aim is to use radio buttons with this project. I want to create some radio buttons and when I press a button, I want to execute some commands.

Here are the links - In my opinion, the tutorial link is unrelated, but I guess it won't hurt: Tutorial, Working Project, Problematic Project.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You add a button onto dialog resource template
  2. You associate an identifier with the button in properties pane right there in resource editor, e.g. IDC_MYBUTT
  3. You will find #define for the chosen constant IDC_MYBUTT in resource.h file on the project
  4. You add handlers to button events on your dialog class. Those are COMMAND_ID_HANDLER macros on Sample ATL Dialog Window code, which connect the event (underlying WM_COMMAND message sent to the window) with specific method (both IDOK and IDCANCEL buttons execute OnCommand in the sample code).
  5. There on the handler you decide how to handle, and in particular to end the dialog or not.

COMMAND_HANDLER, COMMAND_ID_HANDLER and friends are described on MSDN: Message Map Macros (ATL).

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Thank you very much. – John Doe Jun 26 '12 at 18:31

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