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I'm introducing a new Project-Management software in my company and looking into possible opensource software. Since i'm familiar with python, trac would be my first choice. but it looks like it is mostly used for software-projects, which isn't the case in my company.

Furthermore, time tracking is a big issue. We have multiple develeopers and each one should be able to track their time on the projects he worked on. This times schould be exported into csv at the end of each month (although i think i could to the export also directly from the DB)

So have anyone experiance with trac in non-software projects? It would be great to her some experiance from you, saves a lot of time for me ;)

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This is not a real programmers question. Your call for suggestions might fit better into a different StackExchange site, i.e. serverfault.com? – hasienda Jun 26 '12 at 19:00

We currently use Trac for our IT team. It allows us to track things such a help desk tickets, server projects and website changes. We have been doing this for over a year now and it is working great. It is even starting to spread out into other teams for managing team tasks!

As for pulling hours, etc from Trac, we use a custom field and then pull the data through the report module (now deprecated) and direct database access. In the past we have used plugins such as these.

We have also tied Trac into AD for authentication which allows for a single shared pasword for Trac and our domain.

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Well the depreciation was never taken too serious. Meantime it became obvious, that report and query module both have their strong points. I've not seen any push towards seriously getting rid of report module, at least within the last two years. – hasienda Jun 26 '12 at 18:37

For what it's worth I've setup a couple of Trac instances, that are totally unrelated to software development. Trac works well as a low entry barrier platform for any stuff I've encountered so far. We have all sorts of applications running, and especially the attitude to wikify anything is very nice - wiki markup in tickets, consistent link syntax across modules (changeset comments, tickets, wiki pages), etc. And I can confirm the viral effect, that a well-established Trac application has.

Trac it's very slim at initial setup, but feature-rice and modular from the ground to satisfy growing demand. For things like time-tracking you could use solutions like the TimingAndEstimationPlugin mentioned by Josh before as well. In general trac-hacks.org is a crowded space, not exactly easy to pick what you want, but a valuable resource anyway.

Make sure to ask at the trac-users mailing list and IRC channel #trac at irc.freenode.net, if you encounter some challenges. It's a small developer community, but a friendly one, and with some Python experience you'll surely find your way. Source code and wiki docs at trac.edgewall.org are always your friend.

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