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set batVar_Parameters=/Developer /Test=0

if not '%batVar_Iteration%' equ '-1' (
    set batVar_Parameters=%batVar_Parameters%  /Iteration=%batVar_Iteration%

if not '%1' equ '' (
    set batVar_Parameters=%batVar_Parameters%  /DeveloperBuildIniFile=%1

Hi guys I'm translating Batch File to C# and I face with an expression "=/xyz" depicted above. What does it means exactly? Any help will be appreciated.


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It would be nice if you showed that part of the code where the expression =/xyz is in. Or do you simply mean any of the SET commands? Like set batVar_Parameters=/Developer /Test=0, which settint the variable batVar_Parameters to the content /Developer /Test=0 –  jeb Jun 26 '12 at 7:55

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"set abc=/xyz" means nothing special, it's just "=" followed by the contents of the variable, which happened to start with "/". It's probably meant as a parameter to a program, like in "dir /a".

Try this:

set batVar_Parameters=/Developer /Test=0

echo testing%batVar_Parameters%testing

It'll give you:

testing/Developer /Test=0testing
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