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Hi! I am capturing the thumbnail image of video from video url. And I am using following code to capture the thumbnail

MPMoviePlayerController *moviePlayer = [[MPMoviePlayerController alloc]initWithContentURL:movieURL];
[moviePlayer setControlStyle:MPMovieControlStyleFullscreen];
[moviePlayer setFullscreen:YES];
moviePlayer.useApplicationAudioSession = NO;
UIImage *image = [moviePlayer  thumbnailImageAtTime:(NSTimeInterval)1.0 timeOption: MPMovieTimeOptionNearestKeyFrame];

I am using threading for this. I am getting the following error:

Movie player has wrong activation state (1)

Can anybody help me?

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When you are initing the movie player, you already have one. There can be only one MPMoviePlayerController. You are probably doing this in a loop. You need to set your last one to nil or keep reusing the same one over and over.

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Thanks Aaron .... – Sharooue Naushad Jan 16 '13 at 7:47
You should press the checkbox on the left to accept the answer if it helped you out. – Aaron Brager Jan 16 '13 at 17:46
+1, Thanks for the simple Answer :) – mAc Apr 22 '13 at 13:13

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