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Is it normal firebird server sends all registered event counts on raising any of registered event?

By example on firebirds site I do this:

class FirebirdListenerTest
    public FirebirdListenerTest()
            FbConnectionStringBuilder cs = new FbConnectionStringBuilder();
            cs.DataSource = "localhost";
            cs.Database = "C:\\FIREBIRD\\TEST.GDB";
            cs.UserID = "SYSDBA";
            cs.Password = "masterkey";
            cs.Charset = "NONE";

            FbConnection connection = new FbConnection(cs.ToString());

            FbRemoteEvent revent = new FbRemoteEvent(connection);
            revent.AddEvents(new string[] { "text_changed", "text_inserted", "justtest_event" });

            // Add callback to the Firebird events
            revent.RemoteEventCounts += new FbRemoteEventEventHandler(EventCounts);

            // Queue events

        catch (Exception e)

    static void EventCounts(object sender, FbRemoteEventEventArgs args)
        Console.WriteLine("Event {0} has {1} counts.", args.Name, args.Counts);

In such code, if any of events is raised, I always get counts for all events. Is it how it should works?

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Yes it is. You can filter it base on Counts property, it can be 0-n.

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I did it just like you describe. I wanted to be sure. Thank You. –  Fanda Jun 26 '12 at 18:35

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