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i want to replace the bottom panel where we show Next,Back buttons with a custom panel which includes the installation progress bar..once the installation is completed,then page should automatically redirected to next page. Below is mockup image,how i want to make this page.

enter image description here

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Or you can build your own InnoSetup, it's open source written in Delphi. I haven't said it's not possible in script code, but just easier would be to modify the InnoSetup itself. –  TLama Jun 26 '12 at 11:22
thanks TLama, where can i get the source code for InnoSetUp...anyways.it would have been better if i could have managed this through the script it self. –  Sunil Sharma Jun 26 '12 at 11:27
InnoSetup source you can download from here. About the script, you need to consider it might be quite long since you will move, resize and hide a lot of components, I'll make an exception and help you with it, but the best is to try it by your own ;-) –  TLama Jun 26 '12 at 11:54
While it's possible to change the panels, Inno is very tightly tied to the standard wizard flow and so requires stuff to be done when it expects. Trying to do the install (presumably what the progress bar is for) outside this is going to be a PITA. –  Deanna Jun 26 '12 at 12:28
@Deanna, it isn't. When you enter the wpInstalling page, you'll just stretch the InnerPage.Notebook to be client aligned, change the parent for NextButton, BackButton, ProgressGauge, StatusLabel and FilenameLabel to that InnerPage.Notebook and reposition them. After you leave the page change all back as it was (if needed). –  TLama Jun 26 '12 at 12:40

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Here is the script including also the main panel header from your previous question as well. Save it into your ..\InnoSetup\Examples\ folder as well as the following images which you need to convert to BMP files since I couldn't find any trusted file sharing site which wouldn't convert the images to PNG or JPG format:

  • this one convert to BMP and save as Logo.bmp
  • this one convert to BMP and save as InstallBackground.bmp

Here is the script (you should follow the commented version of this script first):

DefaultDirName={pf}\My Program
DefaultGroupName=My Program
OutputDir=userdocs:Inno Setup Examples Output

Source: "MyProg.exe"; DestDir: "{app}"
Source: "MyProg.chm"; DestDir: "{app}"
Source: "InstallBackground.bmp"; Flags: dontcopy

Name: "{group}\My Program"; Filename: "{app}\MyProg.exe"

Filename: "{app}\MyProg.chm"; Check: JustBlockTheInstallPage

SetupWindowTitle=Installere - %1
WizardInstalling=Installasjon pågår...

function JustBlockTheInstallPage: Boolean;
  Result := False;  
  WizardForm.StatusLabel.Caption := 'Pakker ut filer...';
  WizardForm.FilenameLabel.Caption :='C:\dnpr\Crystal reports setup\WindowShoppingNet.msi';
  MsgBox('Message just to see the install page :-)', mbInformation, MB_OK);

  InnerNotebookBounds: TRect;
  OuterNotebookBounds: TRect;
  InstallBottomPanel: TPanel;
  InstallBackground: TBitmapImage;

function Rect(const ALeft, ATop, ARight, ABottom: Integer): TRect;
  Result.Left := ALeft;
  Result.Top := ATop;
  Result.Bottom := ABottom;
  Result.Right := ARight;

function GetBoundsRect(AControl: TControl): TRect;
  Result.Left := AControl.Left;
  Result.Top := AControl.Top;
  Result.Right := AControl.Left + AControl.Width;
  Result.Bottom := AControl.Top + AControl.Height;

procedure SetBoundsRect(AControl: TControl; const ARect: TRect);
  AControl.Left := ARect.Left;
  AControl.Top := ARect.Top;
  AControl.Width := ARect.Right - ARect.Left
  AControl.Height := ARect.Bottom - ARect.Top;

procedure CenterHorizontally(ASource, ATarget: TControl);
  ATarget.Left := (ASource.Width - ATarget.Width) div 2;

procedure CenterVertically(ASource, ATarget: TControl);
  ATarget.Top := (ASource.Height - ATarget.Height) div 2;  

procedure InitializeWizard;
  WizardForm.PageDescriptionLabel.Visible := False;

  WizardForm.PageNameLabel.Font.Size := 18;
  WizardForm.PageNameLabel.Font.Name := 'Comic Sans MS';
  WizardForm.PageNameLabel.AutoSize := True;
  WizardForm.PageNameLabel.Left := 18;
  CenterVertically(WizardForm.MainPanel, WizardForm.PageNameLabel); 

  WizardForm.WizardSmallBitmapImage.AutoSize := True;
  WizardForm.WizardSmallBitmapImage.Left := WizardForm.ClientWidth - WizardForm.WizardSmallBitmapImage.Width - 18;
  CenterVertically(WizardForm.MainPanel, WizardForm.WizardSmallBitmapImage); 

  WizardForm.InstallingPage.Color := clWhite;  

  InstallBottomPanel := TPanel.Create(WizardForm);
  InstallBottomPanel.Parent := WizardForm.InstallingPage;
  InstallBottomPanel.BevelOuter := bvNone;
  InstallBottomPanel.Align := alBottom;
  InstallBottomPanel.Caption := '';
  InstallBottomPanel.Color := $00C7CFD3;
  InstallBottomPanel.Height := 79;
  InstallBottomPanel.ParentBackground := False;


  InstallBackground := TBitmapImage.Create(WizardForm);
  InstallBackground.Parent := WizardForm.InstallingPage;
  InstallBackground.AutoSize := True;

  WizardForm.StatusLabel.Parent := InstallBottomPanel;
  WizardForm.StatusLabel.Left := 8;
  WizardForm.StatusLabel.Top := 8;
  WizardForm.FilenameLabel.Parent := InstallBottomPanel;
  WizardForm.FilenameLabel.Left := 8;
  WizardForm.FilenameLabel.Top := WizardForm.StatusLabel.Top + 16;
  WizardForm.ProgressGauge.Parent := InstallBottomPanel;
  WizardForm.ProgressGauge.Left := 8;
  WizardForm.ProgressGauge.Top := WizardForm.FilenameLabel.Top + 26;

  InnerNotebookBounds := GetBoundsRect(WizardForm.InnerNotebook);
  OuterNotebookBounds := GetBoundsRect(WizardForm.OuterNotebook);

procedure CurPageChanged(CurPageID: Integer);  
  if CurPageID = wpInstalling then
    SetBoundsRect(WizardForm.OuterNotebook, Rect(OuterNotebookBounds.Left, 
      OuterNotebookBounds.Top, OuterNotebookBounds.Right, WizardForm.ClientHeight));
    SetBoundsRect(WizardForm.InnerNotebook, Rect(OuterNotebookBounds.Left,
      WizardForm.Bevel1.Top + WizardForm.Bevel1.Height, OuterNotebookBounds.Right, 

    CenterHorizontally(WizardForm.InstallingPage, InstallBackground);
    InstallBackground.Top := InstallBottomPanel.Top - InstallBackground.Height;
    WizardForm.ProgressGauge.Width := InstallBottomPanel.Width - 16;
    SetBoundsRect(WizardForm.OuterNotebook, OuterNotebookBounds);
    SetBoundsRect(WizardForm.InnerNotebook, InnerNotebookBounds);

And the result how the installation page looks like (and yes, I have used Comic Sans :-)

enter image description here

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P.S. I know it doesn't look exactly as on your picture, but that's how I felt it better. And try to take this as an inspiration not as a direct answer to your quite unclear question (since you have asked for a bottom panel with buttons, but on your picture there are no buttons). But the principle would be the same; you'll just change the parent of the buttons to the InstallBottomPanel used in this example and stretch the notebooks in different steps. If you were more precise I might do that directly. –  TLama Jun 27 '12 at 4:16
Now looking on it again; if you would like to have buttons on that gray panel and have that panel on every page (including welcome and finish pages), it would be better to create that panel as child of the OuterNotebook which would be stretched once and forever in InitializeWizard. In the middle white part from your picture would be stretched the InnerNotebook which holds all wizard pages... –  TLama Jun 27 '12 at 9:16
thanks a lot TLama....you are a life saver...:)) –  Sunil Sharma Jun 27 '12 at 17:27
I wish I were :-) But anyway, consider my comments here if you need to have that panel on every page. The best you can see the wizard form composition in Delphi from the InnoSetup source's Wizard.dfm form. I can't make a complex script for your setup since every screenshot you've posted is somehow inconsistent. –  TLama Jun 27 '12 at 17:34

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