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I'd like to know if there are some effective and open source tools to develop C# applications on Linux (Ubuntu). In particular I have to develop WinForm applications.

I know about Mono project, but I've never used it. Can you suggest me what are the best tools (IDE, compiler, etc.) to set up a .NET developing environment on Ubuntu?

Is it software developed on Linux runnable on Windows? Are there different behaviors or incompatibilities?

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MonoDevelop, the IDE associated with Mono Project should be enough for C# development on Linux. Now I don't know any good profilers and other tools for C# development on Linux. But then again mind you, that C# is a language more native to windows. You are better developing C# apps for windows than for linux.

EDIT: When you download MonoDevelop from the Ubuntu Software Center, it will contain pretty much everything you need to get started right away (Compiler, Runtime Environment, IDE). If you would like more information, see the following links:

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Is it software developed on linux runnable on windows? – davioooh Jun 26 '12 at 8:28
Software developed on windows or linux is runnable on top of .Net framework. So as long as it is possible to install .Net framework in OS it can run the application. You got to aware of the version though ;) – Shiham Jun 26 '12 at 8:32
@nvrtheless I was wonderng if different framework implementation can create incompatibilites – davioooh Jun 26 '12 at 8:34
Backward compatibility is always there as far as I know. Problems may occur if you try to run an application on top of .Net 2.0 which is developed with .Net 3.5 or any later versions. – Shiham Jun 26 '12 at 8:39
^This pretty much sums it up! – NlightNFotis Jun 26 '12 at 8:41

I would suggest using MonoDevelop.

It is pretty much explicitly designed for use with Mono, and all set up to develop in C#.

The simplest way to install it on Ubuntu would be to install the monodevelop package in Ubuntu. (link on Mono on (However, if you want to install a more recent version, I am not sure which PPA would be appropriate)

However, I would not recommend developing with the WinForms toolkit - I do not expect it to have the same behavior in Windows and Mono (the implementations are pretty different). For an overview of the UI toolkits that work with Mono, you can go to the information page on Mono-project.

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Mono Develop is what you want, if you have used visual studio you should find it simple enough to get started.

If I recall correctly you should be able to install with sudo apt-get install monodevelop

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Mono is a runtime environment that can run .NET applications and that works on both Windows and Linux. It includes a C# compiler.

As an IDE, you could use MonoDevelop, and I suppose there's something available for Eclipse, too.

Note that WinForms support on Mono is there, but somewhat lacking. Generally, Mono developers seem to prefer different GUI toolkits such as Gtk#.

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Now microsoft is migrating to open-source, enjoy!

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