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I wrote the following line in org-mode, which contains two equations.

$(Z^{*}_{m}, \cdot m)$  $(Z^{*}_{m}, \cdot m)$

But the org-mode didn't identify them as equations. Instead, it highlight the part between the two *s, i.e. }_{m}, \cdot m)$ $(Z^{, making this part bold. Is this a bug of org-mode or my own mistake?

Update: if the braces enclosing the "*" are removed (like below) org-mode can parse it correctly. Strange...

$(Z^*_{m}, \cdot m)$  $(Z^*_{m}, \cdot m)$
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What version of org-mode are you running? Works fine for me (6.21b). –  choroba Jun 26 '12 at 10:28
I can replicate with the org-mode head. I would suggest you report this on the mailing list. Since the devs hang around there, this kind of a problem gets addressed there much faster. –  suvayu Jun 27 '12 at 10:18

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