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I've successfully sent message to individual user. How can I send message to a room? I'm trying the following code:

cl.send(xmpp.Message('', 'test message', typ='groupchat'))

Also, I'm sending this message without sending presence.

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To send a message to a room, you must join the room first. From XEP-0045, section 7.2.2:

<presence to=''>
  <x xmlns=''/>

Then your message should work.

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Thanks. For anyone having the same problem first define the namespace NS_MUC = '', then define presence, presence = xmpp.Presence(to=ROOM_JID), and finally, set the x tag like this presence.setTag('x', namespace=NS_MUC).setTagData('password', 'PASSWORD'). Now, you can send presence with your client client.send(presence) – wasimbhalli Jun 28 '12 at 10:35

Some older XMPP servers require an initial presence notification. Try this before your cl.send:


See also

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